Israel Opens Scholarships For A Unique M.A. Program In Child Development

The International School of the University of Haifa in Israel is accepting applications for scholarship for a one year Master’s Program in Child Development for developing countries in its Faculty of Social Sciences Center.

Haifa University is considered to have the best Social Science departments amongst universities in Israel.

The program is meant for students from different disciplines related to work with children: early childhood education, psychology, social work, nursing, law, speech pathology, physical therapy and OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY with experience working with children and families.

The International Master’s Program in Child Development was established with the goal of improving the lives of children at risk in developing countries around the world by training and promoting professional leadership that will advance various agendas to achieve this objective.

Thus, the program trains and prepares professionals to become leaders in enhancing the well-being and welfare of children and their families. The program was primarily created by the center's as part of an Israeli action to support the UN Millennium Development Goals, as well as UNICEF's declarations regarding approaching all the children in need, regardless of where they live – none should be left behind.

Students from Ghana had the highest representation in the first cohort of the program which started in October 2014. The Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Sharon Bar li said she was especially delighted to see such a great representation for Ghanaian students at the program as it strengthens the already existing MASHAV(Israeli Development Agency)-GES Early Childhood Education project, taking place in Kumasi, Accra and Tamale in recent .

Nana Esi Gaisie, one of Ghanaian students currently pursuing the course mentioned “I like the inter-disciplinary structure of the program which is in tandem with WHO's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health… Studying and working together with different professionals… has made me understand better how our roles in society are inter-twined and this must not be glossed over in the interest of any child."

Issah Aduna, another Ghanaian student is of the opinion "the MA in child development is academically a unique with an interdisciplinary outlook, designed systematically to enrich students with empirical base evidence interventional knowledge and skills as tools for children at risk. It gives me a new look to see and answer the What Why and How about the child."

The next cohort which also offers full scholarship for students will start in October 2015. Application for the program is opened to persons with an accredited B.A. in relevant academic disciplines related to public services for children with at least three years of working experience. Applicants must register through the Haifa University International School - http://